2X Profit

“2X Profit” Marketing Masterminds

Double My Profits In Just 12 Weeks!

The intention of each Marketing Mastermind Group is for 6 to 12 already successful small to medium-size business owners to work as a team to double every member’s profits in just 12 weeks. We do this by sharing what is working and not working in our businesses. By sharing our experiences and resources, we have a much better shot at winning our game as a team than we do individually.

Doubling your profits is NOT an easy thing to do…you KNOW that! Never the less, our game is for every team member to double their profit in just 12 weeks!

How is that even possible?

There are 5 marketing metrics that will double your profits by increasing each metric just 20%. In the Double Your Profits Marketing Masterminds Group 12 week course, we will spend the first 2 weeks creating your ideal client avatar and buyer’s journey. We will also get an accurate measurement of the 5 key marketing metrics for your business that you are doing now. We then will invest 2 weeks each working to increase each key marketing metric by 20%. Every team member shares what is working for them, and what was a waste of time and money. For the next 2 weeks, each team member implements one or more new ideas or expands something that is working in the area.

Is it worth the money, time, and effort? 

Be very clear…it will take an investment in your business.

Ask Yourself…

  1. How much time and money will it take to double my profits if I continue to operate the same way that I am now?

        2. Am I willing to make an investment in my business to try some of the things that others had success with?

        3. Will I learn some things that I can use for the rest of my life to grow my business?       

        4. If I doubled my income, what impact would that have on my life?

This team is not for everyone Do not apply to be on the team if:

  1. Your business is immoral, unethical, or illegal
  2. You’re unwilling or unable to invest $1000/mo. or more marketing your business
  3. You’re unwilling to implement some of the suggestions that have worked for others
  4. You’re unwilling to share what is working and not working in your business
  5. You’re unwilling or unable to attend the 1.5 hr. online meeting each week (some exceptions)

What do I get?                                                                             Value

  1. 18 hrs of group online consulting ($200/hr.)                                $3,600
  2. Up to 2 hours of private consulting (online)                                     $400
  3. Access to Living Well Resources Referral Community                Priceless
  4. Opportunity to 2X my profit                                                                     ?


ONLY  $1999